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Our MissionElevating student’s understanding about water is accomplished by engaging them in meaningful learning. Our Education Unit provides programs, supplemental materials, workshops, field trips, teacher in-services and classroom presentations geared from pre-K to college.
Science Lessons for All Grade Levels
Aqueduct VR: A Virtual Tour of the CRA
H2O Show at Acaciawood Elementary School
Water Model Illustrates Snowmelt to Tap Journey
Hands-on Experiments
Learning About Water Through Art
Student Art Celebration

Online Offerings Available

Join us online! We have field trips to Diamond Valley Lake and the Regional Recycled Water Advanced Purification Center, and an online program for both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts based on the Environmental Science merit badge requirements. For younger students, Metropolitan is offering online H2O shows and story times in which educators read water-related books. These activities teach water conservation themes and help students understand more about the sources of their water and how it is treated and delivered to their homes.

Water education is a top priority for Metropolitan. Our Education Unit is comprised of seasoned educators dedicated to inspiring a lifelong appreciation for natural resources and our shared responsibility to be mindful of our impact on the environment.

About the Materials

We introduce students to California’s water supply and distribution systems, water sources and water quality. They also explore the importance of water conservation and their role in preserving and protecting natural resources.  All Metropolitan programs correlate to various California Content Standards, including Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.  Resources are available at no cost to teachers and students within our six county service area which includes parts of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and parts of Ventura.

“Water solutions are all around us, but we need to educate, inform and inspire young people to accept the challenge and make these solutions work. In essence, our real choice is whether to wait for a crisis to spur change or recognize the power of education and public engagement to build the capacity and leadership we need for tomorrow.”
Metropolitan Board Chair Adàn Ortega, Jr.