Colorado River Aqueduct

Supplemental Materials

Supplemental materials such as posters, maps, coloring books and reading materials are available to complement lessons.

Check the online order form to order any materials described below.  Download links are provided when available.

California Native Plant Coloring Book

All Ages
Students learn about seven different California native plants. Each plant has a drawing that can be colored and facts that range from its watering needs, flower color, leaf type and type of pollinators that visit the plant. While the book is aligned to K-3 NGSS standards, we think the information about each plant will be informative for all ages and a chance for students to teach their parents about water wise plants during this current extended drought.
We are California Friendly Plants - Coloring Book

Guzzler Gang

Grade K-2
Characters known for guzzling water create a conservation storyline. Teachers can request a teacher activity guide, which includes reproducible activity sheets, and a class set of books.

Little Splash

Grade K-3
Little Splash is a collection of 21 activity and coloring pages thatuse critical thinking skills and include reading, writing, coloring, drawing,and working puzzles to teach concepts about water. Students will learn that“water is life” and will become aware of its properties, importance, uses, andhow it directly relates to them. Little Splash also links to current K-3Content Standards for Science and History-Social Science.
Teacher’s Guide.
Student Activity Sheet:
English / Spanish / Chinese

Little Splash Coloring Book

Grade Pre K-TK
Students take a trip around the water cycle with this consumable coloring and activity book.  The book is aligned to the California Preschool Learning Foundations for Science at both 48 and 60 months of age.  

Student Activity Sheet:
English / Spanish / Chinese


Student Artwork by Edith Chang

Journey Down the Colorado River Aqueduct

Grades 3 – 8
This consumable student activity brochure explains how water is delivered to Southern California through the Colorado River Aqueduct and includes the water treatment process. Teachers can order a class set or one per student.

Journey Down the Colorado River Aqueduct

California’s Water Resources Map

Grades 3 and Above
This largewall map details water delivery systems in California.  We offer one per classroom. to register and access the lessons.

Geography of Water

Grades 4 - 8
By coloring this set of six maps according to directions, students learn about the state’s physical features, precipitation, population, industry & agriculture, and managing California’s water supply. Map activities involve students in critical thinking, problem solving, and comparing statistics. The curriculum includes a teacher’s guide for each map, reproducible student maps and lessons. to register and access the lessons.

Water Cycle Poster

All Ages
This poster is a bright and colorful addition to any classroom. We offer one per teacher.