Solar Cup™


Metropolitan has annual programs that engage students of all ages with activities focused on artistic expression, engineering, science and teamwork.

Solar Cup

Solar Cup™ is a seven-month high-school program that culminates in a weekend competition where teams race solar powered boats they build. Students learn about conservation of natural resources, electrical and mechanical engineering, problem solving and teamwork. Click here for more information on Solar Cup™.

For this year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the weekend competition was cancelled.  In its place is an exciting Solar Cup™ 2.0 which offers up weekly student challenges in a variety of disciplines like engineering, art, a conservation public service message. Click here to learn more about the Solar Cup™ 2.0 Challenge and to view the weekly challenges.

Water is Life

The “Water is Life” Student Art Calendar curates student art submitted from grades K through 12 that carry a conservation message.  Dozens of entries are judged and featured in the annual calendar, which is distributed to about 13,000 recipients each year.
Click here to download the 2022 Student Art images.
See the 2022 Student Art Calendar.

Please contact Brian Martz at (213) 217-6855

Conservation Device Rebates

Conservation Device Rebates for Schools are available for premium high-efficiency toilets, urinals, smart irrigation controllers, sprinkler nozzles, food equipment and more. 

Community Partnering Program

Metropolitan’s Community Partnering Program provides up to $2,000 in sponsorships to community-based organizations including nonprofits, professional associations, educational institutions and public agencies. Eligible projects include water-related educational outreach programs like community forums, workshops and water festivals, water-themed curriculum and supplies for grades K-12, after-school programs, exhibits, promotional materials and native plant and California Friendly® garden signage.

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