Sept. 19, 2019
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Metropolitan Takes Stance Against SB1
Lake Oroville

Metropolitan opposes SB 1, which would prevent the execution of federal environmental policies. Gov. Gavin Newsom has indicated he will veto the bill, which the Legislature passed. "This was not about the sitting president or any action his administration may or may not take. It was about keeping intact this historic window of opportunity to make generational changes in California water," said General Manager Jeffrey Kightlinger on Metropolitan's position in a CalMatters op-ed.


Ensuring a Safe Water Supply
water quality

With concern growing about the presence in some water supplies of a family of chemicals known as PFAS, Metropolitan continues to ensure the region has a safe drinking water supply. The two most common and regulated PFAS, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), have not been detected in Metropolitan's source or treated waters. Metropolitan is supporting its member agencies as they assess whether PFOA and/or PFOS are present in their supplies and to what extent. Read fact sheet and FAQ.


Metropolitan to Launch Stormwater Pilot Program

A $5 million pilot program will help Metropolitan understand the potential water supply benefits of local stormwater capture projects. Information on the costs and volume of water produced by different types of projects will be collected over three years and will inform the possible funding of stormwater capture efforts in the future. To capture a diverse set of data, the pilot program will fund new and retrofitted projects in three different climate zones across Southern California – coastal, mid and inland. Metropolitan will begin accepting applications Jan. 1, with projects accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Read the press release.


Recycled Water Project Update

The Regional Recycled Water Advanced Purification Center is finishing its final equipment testing. All equipment and processes are now operational! Learn more about the Center’s purification process at



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