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The following videos may supplement your water learning. Some are specifically designed for students while others are for all audiences. Please also view our Education Videos Channel and other informational videos on Metropolitan's website.

MWD also provides water education DVDs for checkout. Please contact us for titles and availability. We will mail DVDs to you and ask that you send them back within five days.

New: Virtual Reality Tour of the Colorado River Aqueduct System

Videos for Students

Every Day Water Heroes: Meet Jeff Kightlinger
Runtime: 3m 13s
Watch as Joel Greene, host of Curiosity Quest, interviews Jeff Kightlinger, general manager of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, about his background and responsibilities.

Every Day Water Heroes: Meet Jim Green
Runtime: 3m 29s
View this video of Jim Green, manager of Water Systems Operations at Metropolitan, as he talks to Curiosity Quest about his job and how he became interested in water.

Every Day Water Heroes: Meet John Morris
Runtime: 3m 19s
John Morris serves on the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Watch as he is interviewed by Curiosity Quest about his experience in the water sector.

Where in the World is All the Water?
Runtime: 17m 27s
Students jump on the bus and take a virtual water-education field trip from school to the Colorado River Aqueduct, to the water treatment plant, to the water quality lab, to businesses and homes, and back to school. They learn about California’s water from its source to the tap.

Admiral Splash and His Amazing Submarine (in English and Spanish)
Runtime: 14m 47s
In this video designed for grades 4 and 5, students go on a journey with Admiral Splash to see how we get water here in Southern California. These videos are designed to supplement the Admiral Splash curriculum and are not stand-alone pieces.

The Water Cycle
Runtime: 11m 42s
This lively entertaining video depicts the four phases of the water cycle and shows how water is cleaned and purified.

Water Follies: A Soak Opera
Runtime: 6m 51s
A fun comparison between water wasters and water savers. Produced in the 1970's, this is a fun look and water conservation.

Water: Who Needs It?
Runtime: 14m 15s
This colorful video helps children understand the importance of water in their lives and demonstrates ways they can conserve and protect this vital resource. Children also learn why clean water is important for the growth of healthy plants.

The California Water Story
Runtime: 16m 28s
California's most important and sought after resource is what this story in our history is all about. Audience: School-age to adult.

Informational Videos and Digital Resources

Aqueduct VR: A Virtual Tour of the Colorado River Aqueduct — An Application for Mobile Devices
Runtime: 3 m 15s
Download this app, available for both Apple and Android mobile devices, and immerse yourself in a virtual reality experience of the Colorado River Aqueduct. A virtual reality headset is needed for proper viewing.

Virtual Reality Video of the Colorado River Aqueduct System
Runtime: 3 m 15s
Immerse yourself in the Colorado River Aqueduct system with this 360-degree virtual tour. Explore the sites along the aqueduct and learn about Southern California’s water supply.

Note: This video plays on the latest version of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers, and the YouTube app on smart phones.

Tour Virtual del Acueducto del Río Colorado
Tiempo de ejecución: 3m 51s
Sumérgete en el sistema del Acueducto del Río Colorado con esta gira virtual de 360 grados. Explore los sitios a lo largo del acueducto y aprenda sobre el suministro de agua del sur de California.

Nota: este video se reproduce en la última versión de Chrome o en la aplicación YouTube 360 para teléfonos inteligentes.

Water Supplies: The Colorado River Aqueduct
Runtime: 3m 16s
The Colorado River Aqueduct is considered one of the world's engineering wonders and carries water across 242 miles to cities throughout Southern California. It began construction in 1933 and became operational in 1941.

Runtime: 9m 59s
Circa 1932. A historical film created by Don Kinsey for Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, it is one of the first talking films. This film was shown in 200 movie theaters as part of a larger campaign to vote for the bond to build the Colorado River Aqueduct.

Metropolitan Water District: The Dream Comes True
Runtime: 5m 9s
A video history of Metropolitan, including early clips that show the 1928 building of the Colorado River aqueduct and how the district has evolved to keep step with public values such as water quality and stewardship.

Acre Foot
Runtime: 22s
This video explains the definition of an acre foot of water

Hydrologic Cycle
Runtime: 1m 17s
This gives a brief overview of the water cycle.

Extreme Engineering - Build it Bigger: Fault Zone Tunnel
Runtime: 43m 35s
This episode of Build It Bigger on the Discovery Channel featured the construction of Metropolitan's Inland Feeder project, a 44-mile long stretch of gravity-fed tunnels and buried pipelines that carry State Water Project supplies into storage at Diamond Valley Lake.

Informational Videos About Metropolitan's Education Programs

Metropolitan's Water Education Program
Runtime: 2m 42s
Metropolitan Water District's Education Unit provides water education programs, supplemental materials, teacher in-services and classroom presentations for teachers and students from pre-K through college.

Solar Cup
Runtime: 4m 22s
Solar Cup is a seven-month program that begins in the fall, in which high school teams build and race solar-powered boats at Lake Skinner, in Temecula Valley.

World Water Forum
Runtime: 8m
One of every six people on earth lack clean, fresh water. Watch this video to learn more about how to help the impoverished communities around the world.