Curriculum Material

Metropolitan’s Education Section offers a wide array of curriculum and supplement material for elementary, middle school and high school teachers to use either in class or online.  Some of our materials are available in English or Spanish and downloadable. 

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All About Water

This book contains 26 experiments and activities about water conservation, water quality, water distribution, the water cycle and fresh and salt water. The activities are interdisciplinary.
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Next Generation Science Standard Alignment



Admiral Splash
4th & 5th grade

Admiral Splash is a complete unit designed to teach students all about California’s water and how to use it wisely. This program fits perfectly into your 4th & 5th grade science/social science curriculum.  Students learn about the water cycle, California’s water history, water sources, distribution, uses and conservation. 

The Admiral Splash kit contains the following items (One kit per teacher):

  • Class set of colorful student books
  • Teacher's guide
  • DVD in English and Spanish
  • California poster map
  • Pre- and post-tests
  • Home water surveys
  • Stickers
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Next Generation Science Standard and Common Core Alignment





5th grade

This program is designed to supplement the fifth-grade social studies curriculum. Using language arts, music and art, this activity-oriented unit encourages student participation in examining the role of water in North American history: Pre-Columbian, Colonial and the Westward Movement. The program comes with a teacher's guide and a set of 35 large-format student booklets. Consumable materials may be reordered.
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Next Generation Science Standard and Common Core Alignment



Water Times
6th grade

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! This water education newspaper is interdisciplinary, integrating science, social studies, language arts and math. There are interesting news articles and stories that are relevant to the lives of sixth-graders and engaging, challenging activities that create an awareness and stewardship of water. The program includes consumable student newspapers and a teacher’s guide.
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Conservation Connection
Grades 6-8
Our newest interdisciplinary curriculum supplement, through hands-on conservation activities, role playing and critical thinking, will engage middle school students in learning about the challenges and importance of conserving both water and energy at home and at school. Through the lessons, service-learning activities, and featuring online water and energy use surveys, students will make the “connection” to making water and energy conservation and efficiency a way of life in Southern California.
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Next Generation Science Standard and Common Core Alignment





Water Quality: The Qualities and Science of Water
Grades 7-12

Hands-on and inquiry-based approach to the water quality highlights issues faced by the water industry and society. The low-cost/no cost activities emphasize various issues including: pH, total dissolved solids, turbidity, hardness, watershed management, cryptosporidium, public health and MTBE. This unit includes student booklets, lab sheets, lesson extenders, a teacher’s guide and response card.
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New! The water quality lessons are available on an interactive website and iPad format. Go to, register, and access the lessons.