Learn about Metropolitan’s free water education resources.  

  1. Resources: Curriculum, Supplemental Materials, College, About Your Water, Links, Videos
    Outreach: Field Trips, School Presentations, Teacher Workshops
    Programs: Student Art, Solar Cup, World Water Forum, Community Partnering Program



Metropolitan offers a wide variety of curriculum for K-12 that correlates to California Content standards including Common Core and NGSS.

Supplemental MaterialsSupplemental Materials
Supplemental materials such as posters, maps and brochures are available.

Find out about resources for college students.

About Your WaterAbout Your Water
Learn about Metropolitan’s water supply system. Explore where your water comes from, learn about water storage and delivery, and understand water quality. 

Check out informative and fun water-related websites for all ages.

View water education videos designed for students and other informational videos.



Diamond Valley Lake Visitor Center Field Trips (Grades K-12)Field Trips
Visit Metropolitan headquarters and Diamond Valley Lake.

Inspection Trips for Educators (Adults only)School Presentations
A variety of water experts can speak to your group or class about water issues facing our region. The presentation could address a specific water topic such as the drought, or provide an overview of our water system.

Inspection Trips for Educators (Adults only)Teacher Workshops
Metropolitan staff is available to come to your school or meeting to present grade-appropriate materials and activities to teachers.


About Your WaterStudent Art
The “Water is Life” Student Art Calendar and Exhibit Tour is open to K-12 students.

H2o science labSolar Cup
Solar Cup is a high school education program in which teams of students from throughout Southern California build and race solar-powered boats.

Inspection Trips for Educators (Adults only)World Water Forum College Grant Program

Grants of up to $10,000 per team are available to Southern California college teams to research and develop water-saving technologies, policies or communication strategies.

Inspection Trips for Educators (Adults only)Community Partnering Program
Earn a $2,000 grant for your water-related project!