College Students

Learn about Metropolitan and the many programs available to you.


About Your WaterAbout Your Water
Learn about Metropolitan's water supply system, which is the largest in the nation. Explore where your water comes from, learn about water storage and delivery, and understand water quality.

H2o science labInternships
Metropolitan has various internship opportunities in a broad range of academic areas for undergraduate and graduate students. Students learn about the water industry and gain valuable work experience.

A listing of internships and the training programs in the water sector may be found here.


Diamond Valley Lake H2O Field Trips (Grades 4-8)Apprenticeships
Metropolitan’s apprentice program provides instruction and on-the-job training for those interested in serving as a mechanic, electrician or other trade profession in the water industry.

Diamond Valley Lake Visitor Center Field Trips (Grades K-12)Field Trips
Visit Metropolitan headquarters, Diamond Valley Lake, or other facilities.

Inspection Trips for Educators (Adults only)Presentations
A variety of water experts can speak to your group or class about water issues facing our region. The presentation could address a specific water topic such as the drought, or provide an overview of our water system.




Inspection Trips for Educators (Adults only)World Water Forum College Grant Program
To help further awareness of global or local water issues, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County sponsor this competitive grant program. Grants up to $10,000 per team are available to Southern California college teams to research and develop water-saving technologies, policies or communication strategies.





Inspection Trips for Educators (Adults only)Community Partnering Program
Earn a $2,000 grant for your water-related project! The Community Partnering Program provides sponsorships for community-based organizations including nonprofit groups, professional associations, educational institutions and public agencies to support water awareness and educational efforts.